Eye and Edges Crossed 2011, Seedlings Bloomed 2013

Duke Ellington--Trimmer 6 inch
Registered 2009--Pod/Pollen fertile

All photos taken in my garden. Click on photos
to enlarge.

Prissy Girl--Smith 6 inch
Registered 2006--Pod/Pollen fertile

Happy Happy 6 inch
Smith Registered 2008 pod/pollen fertile

Beautiful each bloom.
Calamity Jane 6.5 inches
Trimmer Registered 2008 pod/pollen fertile, easy pod

Dove in Flight-- 6.5 inches
Gaskins Registered 2004--pod/pollen fertile
Glamoureyez--7 inches
Harry-Gaskins, Registered 2008, Easy pollen,
difficult pod in this garden

In this photo, Glamoureyez was newly planted,
and required time to acclimate. The eye/edge color 
darkened during the next season as shown
below, and has remained this color since. 

Blue Hippo--6 inches
Lambertson--Registered 2008, Pod/Pollen fertile

Duke Ellington--6 inches
Trimmer--Registered 2009, Pod/Pollen fertile

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