Favorites Crossed 2011, Seedlings Bloomed 2013

  Luminous Yellows

Hog Heaven
6 x 28 inches
 Smith Registered 2007 pod/pollen fertile
All photos taken in my garden.
(Granny Smith x Eleanor Roosevelt)

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Wonder of it All 
5.75 x 27 inch
Carr Registered 2005 pod/pollen fertile (easy pod)
(Mandalay Bay Music x Wonders Never Cease)
Blooms 6 inches here at times
Moment in the Sun 
7 x 28 inch
Grace-Smith Registered 2004
pollen easy, pod difficult

Moment in the Sun

Pulchritudinous Purples

All of these plants are great for hybridizing, giving large 
flowered seedlings.

Jennifer Trimmer
6.75 x 30 inches
Trimmer, reg. 2006, pod/pollen fertile
(Bella Sera x Kaskel seedling "Best Edge")

Bella Sera 
6 x 30 inches
Stamile--Registered 2002, pod/pollen fertile, 
easy pollen
((Bogalusa x Seize the Night) x (Big Sur x One
Step Beyond)) 
Linda Beck 
6 x 25 inches
Agin--Registered 2005, Pod/Pollen fertile
(J.T. Davis x Lifting Me Higher)
Ocean Child 
6 x 28 inches
Trimmer--Registered 2007, Pod/Pollen fertile, 
Easy both ways
(Bella Sera x Kaskel seedling "Best Edge")

 Pink Prettiness

  6.75 x 31 inches
Trimmer--Registered 2008, Pod/Pollen fertile, 

Easy both ways
(London Calling x sdlg)

Memphis 6.75 inches
Trimmer--Registered 2008, Pod/Pollen fertile, 

Easy both ways

Dan's Paradise Pink
6.25 x 25 inches
Trimmer, reg. 2008, pod/pollen fertile
(Isle of Man x Mississippi Man) 

Shamrock Summer
6.5 x 28 inches
Trimmer--Registered 2008, Pod/Pollen fertile

((sdlg x Tet. Connie Burton) x sdlg)

Smith-FR, reg. 2007
7 x 28 inches, easy pod/pollen
(Spanish Wedding Gown x sdlg) 
Works well for large edges, especially
when crossed with other large edge flowers.

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