Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Red Seedlings and an Almost Black One

(Born to Run x Priceless)
6.5 inches 
We have only a few registered reds to work
 with. So, I selected about 15 seedlings that 
offered some possibilities, and here are 
a few of them.

A few of the red seedlings with larger
edges were posted during the summer.  
(Mean Joe Green x Red Edition)
6.5 inches
(Born to Run x Red Edition)
6.25 inches
(Born to Run x Red Edition 2)
6 inches
(Ocean Child x Born to Run)
6 inches
(God Save the Queen x Zahadoom)
6 inches
This blossom was so dark at times during the
day that I could not get a photo. It took 
several visits and photo trials to get this one.
Had to catch just the right amount of light. 

I'm working toward a black with ruffles, but
this is just the beginning. We have seedlings
inside from the above crossed with another
 slightly ruffled black with white edges.

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