Saturday, February 4, 2017

Daylilies, Color Palette

(Calamity Jane x Happy Happy)
6 inches 
Very clean colors, especially when viewed in person.
(Home of the Free x Red Edition)
6.5 inches 
Every seedling from this cross is a keeper. I 
can't decide which one is the best.
(Indigo Ruffles x Red Edition)
6 inches 
Love the shape of the lavender eye in this one.
(Italian Kaleidoscope x Glamoureyez)
6 inches 
Many blooms on this one
(Promises Kept x Roman Steel)
6.25 inches
(Space Coast Discovery x Memphis)
7 inches 
(sdlg x Fabulous Black Pearl)
6 inches

Daylilies, Some Patterns and Hints of Blue

(Nile Princess x Blue Jay Tapestry)
5.75 inches
(Marina Del Rey x Stenciled Infusion)
5.75 inches

This seedling had a blossom from a near by
plant unfold underneath one of the petals.
And, this seedling's petal stayed in that position 
when the other bloom was removed.  
Such things happen with field grown seedlings.
(Stenciled Infusion x Kiss of Paradise 23)
6 inches
(Stenciled Infusion x Kiss of Paradise 1)
6 inches
(Bow Tie Affair x Unknown)
6.5 inches
(Bow Tie Affair x Marina Del Rey)
6.25 inches

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Red Seedlings and an Almost Black One

(Born to Run x Priceless)
6.5 inches 
We have only a few registered reds to work
 with. So, I selected about 15 seedlings that 
offered some possibilities, and here are 
a few of them.

A few of the red seedlings with larger
edges were posted during the summer.  
(Mean Joe Green x Red Edition)
6.5 inches
(Born to Run x Red Edition)
6.25 inches
(Born to Run x Red Edition 2)
6 inches
(Ocean Child x Born to Run)
6 inches
(God Save the Queen x Zahadoom)
6 inches
This blossom was so dark at times during the
day that I could not get a photo. It took 
several visits and photo trials to get this one.
Had to catch just the right amount of light. 

I'm working toward a black with ruffles, but
this is just the beginning. We have seedlings
inside from the above crossed with another
 slightly ruffled black with white edges.