Monday, January 23, 2017

Some That Caught My Eye

(Ultimate Fantasy x sdlg)
7 inches
(Violet Becomes You x Home of the Free)
7 inches
(Stenciled Infusion x Kiss of Paradise)
6 inches 

These last two seedlings are the same cross, but
they sure are different in appearance.  
(Stenciled Infusion x Kiss of Paradise)
6 inches

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Browsing Daylily Pics Makes for a Pleasant Winter

6 inches, emid sev re
Smith, registered 2008
pod/pollen fertile
Puts nice edges on offspring especially when
crossing with other edged flowers
I've been browsing through numerous daylily
photos taken last season, and all the foliage 
green and blossom colors just make the
 coming daylily bloom season more exciting. 
It's not a matter of disliking winter. It
does have its good points such as the warmth 
of a crackling fire, a cup of hot cocoa, a cozy 
favorite afghan, and other creature comforts for 
when the winds are blowing cold and snow. Plus, 
there's more time to pursue new recipes for 
cooking/baking, as well as time for 
sewing, interior design projects, and painting.
And I have a very long to-do list.

Whatever the season, each day is a beautiful
wonder for which I am so very thankful. 
Dan's Paradise Pink
6.25 inches, ev re mid
 Trimmer, registered 2009
pod/pollen fertile
(Marina Del Rey x Fringy)
5.75 inches