Monday, July 11, 2016

Daylilies, Some Favorite Parent Plants

Princess Peyton
Showing the nice edges on rebloom. Once 
established, these plants begin to show their stuff. 
Luminous Intentions
Mayans' Dawn
Bluegrass Shadows
Get Jiggy

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ruffles on Eyes and Edges and More

(Fancy Lace x Castle Rock)
6 inches  
Had a feeling I would get lavenders from this
cross; the siblings are lavender also. 
(Carol Todd x Raspberry Mountain)
6.5 inches
This is a gorgeous flower! Blooms measure
7 inches at times. 
(Dovealicious x Bluegrass Music)
7 inches 
Odd bluish coloring from this cross, and I am
delighted to see one so large from
Bluegrass Music. 
(Happy Happy x Sweet Almond Mint)
5.75 inches
Love this one. 

Dayliliy Seedlings with Ruffles

(Walter Kennedy x Raspberry Mountain)
6 inches 
Walter Kennedy has given me several lovely
kids. I plan to use it in other flower crosses.
Most of the time the large eye is dominant.  
(Ocean Child x Linda Beck)
6 inches 
Great with a chalky blue shade in the eye and
(Happy Happy x Raspberry Mountain)
6.25 inches 
Just beautiful! Every time it blooms. Sometimes
the blossom appears more of a red raspberry,
and other times it blooms with a darker shade
of raspberry