Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My Favorite Dayliliy Seedlings of the Day

(Violet Becomes You x Home of the Free)
6.25 inches

Drool I did when I saw these beauties. The colors
are so dark they appear black in the garden.
Love all three, so I intend to make more of these
crosses.  We have been so pleased with the 
seedlings this year, and I have taken well over
three thousand photos of them. I kid not.

We have been so busy in the garden that I've
had very little time to post. Things
are likely to slow down soon, as peak season
is almost here, and I will have more time to add
the photos.   
I had no idea there were so many seedlings with
teeth and patterns in so many colors. 
Very pleased indeed!  
(Ivan Attitude x Open My Eyes sdlg)
7 inches 
(Jennifer Trimmer x Home of the Free)
6 inches 
Blooms larger at times. Such contrast with the
white edges. Love this one. 

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