Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Daylily Selected Seedlings Page Three

(Jennifer Trimmer x Violet Becomes You)
6.5 inches
Beautiful! This one is darker than the photo
shows. It's just one of those colors that is so
difficult to capture on camera. The plant was
one of those runts you get sometimes in the
seedlings, but I planted it anyway in a special
spot in the garden. Three years later, this year,
it bloomed, and I knew right away that it's
going to be a great addition to the hybridizing
bed and a keeper.  I will cross its next bloom with
some newer purples.       
(Happy Happy x Bluegrass Music)
5.5 inches
This one will be used to cross with others
with bluish shades.  
(Happy Happy x Open My Eyes)
5.75-6 inches 
Fantastic plant and blossoms. On rebloom, it
has very wide borders. Very striking with 
the almost black and white contrasting

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