Thursday, June 2, 2016

Daylily Seedlings with Wow Factors

(Visual Intrigue x Bow Tie Affair)
6 inches 
Gorgeous clean colors and good size too. Love
this one. Visual Intrigue rarely blooms 
with a good pattern design, but when it does,
it is lovely. However, this seedling has shown
a pattern with each bloom.  
Sweet Almond Mint x ((Darla Anita x Tropical
Hot Flash) x Happy Happy)
6 inches 
The early morning view of this blossom was
even more concentrated in color than this
photo which was taken later in the day.
Yes, I said wow, for it is more striking in
person. The eye and edge is more of a bright
red than is shown in the photo.  
(Priceless x Dan's Paradise Pink)
7 inches
Gorgeous green edges and an overlay of green
as well, and so large. Yes, I said wow when I saw
the bloom this morning. I almost discarded this
one the first year it bloomed because the petals
were in such disarray, but decided to give the 
plant more time, and now I'm glad that I did. 
The green edges measure as much as an inch 
or more in length in some places 
on the blossom.

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