Friday, June 24, 2016

A Few Toothy Seedlings

(Biting Pumpkins x Spinefeld)

Decided to add this one as well. Hope the page
loads okay with all these. If not, please alert me
to the problem in the comments box, and
thanks in advance. 
(Briar Patch x Spinefeld)

These are a few of the daylily seedlings with
teeth that I am working with. The above shows
a bit of a pattern and few teeth. 

As you can see, I have crossed Spinefeld to
several different daylilies, and it is, in my
opinion, a great parent. I can't get a pod to set on
Spinefeld though, but I will keep trying.  
(Biting Pumpkins x Spinefeld)
This one needs more of a fringy edge.  
(Marina del Rey x Spinefeld)
This is the best for the toothy edge so far.
The last photo below shows this one at a 
different angle.
(Briar Patch x Spinefeld)
It's a beginning. Needs more color.
(Marina del Rey x Spinefeld)

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