Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Daylily Patterned Seedlings Page Three

2016 Patterned Daylily Seedling Tetraploid
7 inches, dormant, EE (early early) 

The above photo was taken a little after 4pm. This
plant has 23 more siblings yet to bloom, one more
sibling is a dormant, while the rest are 

2016 Patterned Daylily Seedling 2 Tetraploid
5.8 inches, EE, Semi-evergreen

This is a sibling of the above which I overlooked
earlier. There's lots of garden work, veggie and 
flowers, to do at this time of the year. I'm not
complaining though, for I love the gardens and all 
that that entails. 
 The substance of this flower is the type that I don't
care for, but I can fix that with another cross, or
perhaps with the next bloom the substance
will improve. Very nice pattern though with
shiny white highlights.  

Photo taken a bit after 6 pm. This blossom has
 endured a long hot day, low 80s, so this is hardly
its best presentation. Still, I thought it
was worth viewing for the intricacy of the


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