Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Daylily Garden Walk About Page 4

Favorite Rhododendron
Unfortunately, I don't know the name of this
particular shrub. Wish I did, for I would buy
more of them. Note the yellow dots in the 
dark background. Those are Stella De Oro daylilies
in bloom. They border a meandering path on 
both sides that enter into a copse of bamboo
and many other plants. 
Rhododendron Close Up
This specimen is as tall as the second story of
our house, and about as wide as it is tall. The 
fragrance is absolutely wonderful, and reminds
 me of the scent of a Gardenia. The pink color is
beginning to fade in this photo.   
There is a double row of rhododendrons although
the ones in the back side are not pictured of course.

In this photo, most bloomed at the same time. 
This is the same row of rhododendrons as
pictured above although a different year. 

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