Saturday, May 28, 2016

Daylily Little Ripper and Tiger on the Mountain

Little Ripper
Photo taken in the sun
Little Ripper 
Photo taken in the shade
5x40 EV EE RE 35 buds, 6 branches
Pierce 2015 (Rings of Wonder x Stenciled Di Fresco) 
This lovely little patterned daylily has displayed a nice
pattern on every bloom so far.  
Tiger on the Mountain
6x31 EM EV RE FRAGRANT 24 buds, 3 branches
Carpenter 2009 (Texas Kaleidoscope x unknown)

Daylily Patterned Seedlings Page One

Tetraploid, 5.5 inches, EE, Sev
Not quite open when photo was taken. The blue
watermark has a few circular charcoal hairlines within
which also repeats on the sepals.  
Tetraploid pattern, EE, Sev, 5.5 inches
Tetraploid, 5.75 inches, EE, Sev
Hopefully in the next bloom, the pattern will
be more distinct.

Daylily Patterned Seedlings Page Two

Tetraploid patterned seedling, 7 inches, EE, Sev
Not a pattern but sculpted seedling 

Tetraploid, 6 inches, EE, Sev
Tetraploid Patterned Seedling 5 inches, EE, Sev

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Daylily Patterned Seedlings Page Three

2016 Patterned Daylily Seedling Tetraploid
7 inches, dormant, EE (early early) 

The above photo was taken a little after 4pm. This
plant has 23 more siblings yet to bloom, one more
sibling is a dormant, while the rest are 

2016 Patterned Daylily Seedling 2 Tetraploid
5.8 inches, EE, Semi-evergreen

This is a sibling of the above which I overlooked
earlier. There's lots of garden work, veggie and 
flowers, to do at this time of the year. I'm not
complaining though, for I love the gardens and all 
that that entails. 
 The substance of this flower is the type that I don't
care for, but I can fix that with another cross, or
perhaps with the next bloom the substance
will improve. Very nice pattern though with
shiny white highlights.  

Photo taken a bit after 6 pm. This blossom has
 endured a long hot day, low 80s, so this is hardly
its best presentation. Still, I thought it
was worth viewing for the intricacy of the


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Daylily Variegated Scape and Foliage

The scape is a little left of center, and it is 
variegated along with the foliage. This photo 
was taken a few days ago and the 
scape is even more pronounced with 
stripes when I viewed it today. 

Daylily blooms coming soon, I promise, 
but it is still a tad early for blooms especially 
with the cool days and nights.
We ordered some plants quite early this year 
so we could see the blooms from the first 
scapes produced, but with the unfavorable 
temps, that did not work out so well
for the blossoms. Those blooms did not 
open any better than the ones in the garden. 
Two of the ordered plants scaped soon 
after delivery, and I cut those out to
allow the plants to concentrate on growth. 
They are sending up rebloom scapes now, 
so maybe they will bloom much better. 

Daylily Variegated Buds
Foliage, scapes, and buds are variegated.
What's next, variegated blossoms? Don't I wish. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Daylily Garden Walk About Page 1

Milk Thistle
It amazes me that the lovely bud on the left matures 
into the gorgeous colored bloom you see here.
But, the thorns on this plant are something else. 

Click on any of the photos for a larger view.  
May 23, 2016 Note
A few daylilies are beginning to bloom, but the
days have been too cool for the blossoms to
open properly. Next week's temps are forecast
to be in the mid to high 80s, so that will likely
begin the bloom season.     
Milk Thistle Close Up

Daylily Garden Walk About Page 2

Hosta Plantaginea 
An old variety, and I am so pleased to have
acquired this one a few years ago. The
blossoms are 6 inches long, and the fragrance
just makes me happy. I'm dividing this plant
each year to make a entire row of them. 
Part of Hosta Bed
The center Hosta is Blue Angel, the hostas
on each side are Fragrant Bouquet, and the one
behind the blue is Sum and Substance. These
are outgrowing their space, so I'm adding
another project to the list for a larger
Hosta and Heuchera bed.   
Mango Popsicle Kniphofia 
Showing buds and just beginning to bloom
Huge plant and many more buds 

We have also added Orange Vanilla Popsicle and
Papaya Popsicle Kniphofia to the daylily garden.
A lime green Kniphofia, which bloomed later,
came as a surprise growing within one of the 
These are such carefree plants. Love that
Knock Out Rose
Not exactly the tea rose, but it's color. We lost our
tea roses after growing them for many years, and
have only one tea rose left along with a 
climbing rose.

Daylily Garden Walk About Page 3

Japanese Painted Fern
This is my favorite fern.
Ostrich Plume Fern
Note that there are 3 fronds of a different color
in the fern. Seed from the Autumn Fern shown
below germinated, and grew within the above.
We'll remove it and plant it elsewhere.     
Autumn Fern

Daylily Garden Walk About Page 4

Favorite Rhododendron
Unfortunately, I don't know the name of this
particular shrub. Wish I did, for I would buy
more of them. Note the yellow dots in the 
dark background. Those are Stella De Oro daylilies
in bloom. They border a meandering path on 
both sides that enter into a copse of bamboo
and many other plants. 
Rhododendron Close Up
This specimen is as tall as the second story of
our house, and about as wide as it is tall. The 
fragrance is absolutely wonderful, and reminds
 me of the scent of a Gardenia. The pink color is
beginning to fade in this photo.   
There is a double row of rhododendrons although
the ones in the back side are not pictured of course.

In this photo, most bloomed at the same time. 
This is the same row of rhododendrons as
pictured above although a different year.