Sunday, April 17, 2016

What's Blooming in the Daylily Garden in April

White and Purple Chinese Wisteria Sinensis

This Wisteria bloomed years ago managing to evade 
the April freezes. And, again this year, the tree-form 
plant held many bloom buds. It didn't reach pea
bloom though, due to, you guessed it, another
 disastrous hard freeze.
Currently, the blossoms look like
short, thin, gray ropes hanging from its branches
which is interesting in an odd sort of way. 
But, given that we must wait for just the right weather
for these plants to bloom, it does make it all
the more enjoyable when they do manage to bloom.
It was lovely, so much more so in person, and the
exquisite fragrance was intoxicating.     
White and Purple Chinese Wisteria--Close Up View
Pink Chinese Wisteria Sinensis

This Wisteria bloomed in 2012 escaping the
freezes, and even managed to continue to peak
 bloom. This is a photo taken that year. However,
this year the hard freeze destroyed most of the
buds. Bad timing on this plant for sure, so we
must wait for another hopeful year. This one
 also has an exceedingly pleasant fragrance.

Pink Chinese Wisteria Sinensis
Peak Bloom

As for the daylilies, the field-grown plants 
weathered the freezes with minimal damage to 
the foliage. We added protective covering for 
those we consider the most important, but we 
can't cover them all.
Of course, we brought the potted new arrivals    
inside during cold temperatures and freezes. 

I have flagged about 20 or so daylilies for
final evaluation for registration. These will be
watched closely during this season while
   collecting the detailed descriptions of each. 

Finally, we have plants that we consider
worthy of registration. It has been a long time
getting to this point, so we are anxious to
see how the plants perform this season.    

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