Saturday, April 23, 2016

Spring 2016 Around the Daylily Garden

Daylily Garden Southern View
We have been busy pulling weeds, moving plants,
and installing some new ones. Mulch is next on
the agenda, and from the photos it looks like
mulch is sorely needed. The area around the
tree in the forefront and the bench is to be
landscaped to facilitate easier mowing. It's difficult
to mow square corners, and curves are more
favorable to me.

Noticed daylily scapes today on a few registered
as EE (early) plants, and several daylily seedlings.
Kiss of Paradise, Tet. Peppermint Delight, and 
Dancing Jubilee are the registered ones so far.
I can't believe these plants are scaping this early,
but we have had high temps and about an inch o
rain recently. That will do it!          
Purple Herbert and White Azaleas

Pink azaleas planted in between will bloom last.
Some of the pink ones have begun to flower.
Then the azaleas will be done for the year.
The pink tree form in the distance is the pink
wisteria damaged by freeze. Still, the blooms
that escaped damage made me happy. Most of
the flowering trees, shrubs, and spring bulbs
are not flowering as well this year due to the
freezes. The daffodils, however, managed to 
bloom at just the right time. The daffodil beds
were very nice, but I didn't get any photos of
Daylily Garden Western View
The grass needs warmer temps to green up, and
some more seeding. Some areas are seeded now.

Gardens require a lot of work, and the to-do lists
grow longer each year. Still, it's worth the 
effort and the advantages of exercise. 
This is the view from a large kitchen window. 
During the year and especially during
spring and summer, this view is the first
of the outside we see in the morning, and the last
thing we see before retiring for the night.
So, if any garden or other problem presents
itself, we are acutely aware, and we 
have had a few. Like deer, for example.
A deer fence eliminated that problem,

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