Saturday, April 23, 2016

Daylily Seedling Beds

Daylily Seedling Beds
There are 18 daylily beds to weed and maintain.
Most of the beds are seedlings, and most will be
discarded and composted. These photos show
seedlings that are scheduled to bloom this
season. We will choose the best to keep for
three years for full evaluation. Each year
we clean out 2 to 3 beds to ready them for
planting new seedlings.    
Daylily Seedling Bed
These photos do not show the size of the seedlings,
but they are growing rather well considering the
hard freezes we had this spring. Below is one
that I chose to photograph due to its size.
Several are large, but they do grow in all sizes.  
Daylily Foliage
This foliage measures 26 inches in width from
the point where each leaf begins to bend down.
If I stretched the leaves out, they are about
34 inches wide. This is fantastic growth for our 
location. This particular 
seedling is in the bed pictured above. 

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