Monday, February 29, 2016

Tropical Hot Flash Seedling, Raspberry Mountain Seedling

Tropical Hot Flash x Italian Kaleidoscope

This blossom is drenched with raindrops, but
the photo shows the nice round shape and
angel wings.  
Raspberry Mountain Seedling

Whether using RM as a pod or pollen parent,
this plant has produced some nice babies in
various colors and forms. 


  1. Hi, really enjoy your blog. New to hybridizing and am curious why you shear the foliage of your seedlings periodically through the Winter growing season.

    1. We don't use grow lights, just natural light, so when we have several cloudy days, the plants will grow tall and thin, seeking more light. Especially with very young plants whereby the roots are not yet firmly established, they can become top heavy, and pull the plants out of the soil, so we trim to avoid this. Not much trimming, just enough to stabilize the plants. So, as more cloudy days appear periodically, more trimming is done.

      We have not found trimming to be harmful for the plants. The plants are quite forgiving.

      Wow, new to hybridizing, you are in for some wonderful surprises. Happy times!

      Thanks so much for visiting. If you have any more questions, I am happy to try to answer them.