Monday, March 21, 2016

Daylilies in Review

Italian Kaleidoscope x Glamoureyez

Noticed the variegated foliage last year, and we
did not know if the variegated trait would return.
As you can see, it is still present, although the
color is more yellow than cream on the newly 
emerging fans. See photo below for 2015 photo. 

We've had a couple of weeks of warm days and 
nights, but we are now experiencing some freezes.  
The daylilies are fine so far though. 

Flowering trees and shrubs
are blooming in March no less. It is a strange
season for plants. I believe I've been saying this
for a few years. Seasons are not as predictable
as they once were.   

However, spring is almost upon us, and the 
thought of viewing new daylily seedling blooms 
present a sense of pleasant expectations.
Gotta think positive, ya know. 
Italian Kaleidoscope x Glamoureyez

Last year, we missed seeing the bloom on this one.
The scape and spent blooms were there, but I failed
to get back to that bed in time for bloom photos. 
Too many seedlings to view them all, I guess. 
Happy Happy

Love, love this daylily. Very fertile both ways.
I've been viewing some of the 2015 photos, and
decided to add these two bloom pics for the blog.  
God Save the Queen x Shipwreck Cove

This is a large bloom, but I failed to note the size.
If memory serves, the bloom size is a bit over 6 inches.

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