Monday, August 3, 2015

Daylily Castle Rock and Born to be Wild

Castle Rock

The 2016 seedlings planted this spring are 
beginning to bloom.  We expect this to occur
next season, not now. I probably should cut the 
scapes and not allow them to bloom, to conserve
energy for plant growth, but I'm of the curious type.
We've had a couple of seasons in which seedlings 
bloomed at 9 or 10 months from the time of 
planting seeds, but it is not a usual thing in this

We are busy discarding the undesired seedlings 
from the 2014 beds, and moving the 2015 seedlings
to the evaluation beds. It is hard work, and the 
90 degree temps make it more so, even though we
choose to work in the cooler parts of the day.

This season has been the worst ever for 
the seed pods to mature. Mostly, the pods are
rotting, as are the seeds. Too many rainy days 
during development, I guess. 

All blog photos are taken in this garden.
Born to Be Wild

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