Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Daylilies Roman Steel, Kniphofia, and Daylily Seedling

Roman Steel
7 x 30 inches
Pierce, G., Fall 2014, SEV, EE 6 branching,
35-40 buds (Cutting Loose x Magical Marrakech)
x Sib to Buffalo Thunder)

This bloom is 7 inches and is pod and pollen
fertile. The bloom is also quite consistent.
Beautiful, my favorite purple!
Mort Morss x God Save the Queen
2015 seedling 6 inches
This blossom is a bit splotchy, but it will be moved to the
 evaluation bed due to the colors and toothy edges. Very
pleased with the bluish eye and border.
Kniphofia Orange Vanilla Popsicle

The orange and cream flower is the one
blooming on the plant when purchased. New scapes
 continue coming up. These may bloom until frost. 
The plant reblooms if the bloom stems are cut
 after the flowers wither. The chartreuse one is a 
happy surprise. I didn't realize we had two in one until it
 bloomed. I think the name is Green Jade. This
one reblooms also. Both have a period of bloom in the 
spring and late summer-fall.

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