Saturday, August 22, 2015

Blue Jay Tapestry and 2016 Daylily Seedling

Blue Jay Tapestry

5.5 x 32, EV EM Rebloom
Pierce, G.--- Fall 2013 ((Blue Beat x Blue Desire) x Tet. Texas
Kaleidoscope) 7 branches, 40-50 buds, fragrant 
Pod/Pollen Fertile
Bloom is smaller than I like, but the colors make up for it as
the colors are amazing.
Evergreen plant did very well after our
below zero winter temps
Born to Be Wild x Polar Dusk
6.25 inches, EMO (Early Morning Opener)

The second bloom on this one, and it has really
improved. The edges and eye show a very
vibrant, lemon-yellow color in person, but not so
much in the photo. The eye zone fades
from a thin raspberry outline to orchid which
repeats in the border. The green throat is 
complemented by a touch of green in the ruffled 
edge. Also, the blossom presents with lemon yellow 
teeth. Overall, I am pleased with this one 
though the midribs are a bit distracting.

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