Friday, August 28, 2015

2016 Daylily Seedlings

Sweet Almond Mint Seedling
 7 inches
Great substance, feels like a cushion 
Few tiny green teeth and flat form
one-half to one-inch ruffle
Home of the Free Seedling
6 inches and gorgeous with angel wings
small green throat
Born to Be Wild Seedling
6.25 inches 
flat form

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Daylilies Roman Steel, Kniphofia, and Daylily Seedling

Roman Steel
7 x 30 inches
Pierce, G., Fall 2014, SEV, EE 6 branching,
35-40 buds (Cutting Loose x Magical Marrakech)
x Sib to Buffalo Thunder)

This bloom is 7 inches and is pod and pollen
fertile. The bloom is also quite consistent.
Beautiful, my favorite purple!
Mort Morss x God Save the Queen
2015 seedling 6 inches
This blossom is a bit splotchy, but it will be moved to the
 evaluation bed due to the colors and toothy edges. Very
pleased with the bluish eye and border.
Kniphofia Orange Vanilla Popsicle

The orange and cream flower is the one
blooming on the plant when purchased. New scapes
 continue coming up. These may bloom until frost. 
The plant reblooms if the bloom stems are cut
 after the flowers wither. The chartreuse one is a 
happy surprise. I didn't realize we had two in one until it
 bloomed. I think the name is Green Jade. This
one reblooms also. Both have a period of bloom in the 
spring and late summer-fall.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Blue Jay Tapestry and 2016 Daylily Seedling

Blue Jay Tapestry

5.5 x 32, EV EM Rebloom
Pierce, G.--- Fall 2013 ((Blue Beat x Blue Desire) x Tet. Texas
Kaleidoscope) 7 branches, 40-50 buds, fragrant 
Pod/Pollen Fertile
Bloom is smaller than I like, but the colors make up for it as
the colors are amazing.
Evergreen plant did very well after our
below zero winter temps
Born to Be Wild x Polar Dusk
6.25 inches, EMO (Early Morning Opener)

The second bloom on this one, and it has really
improved. The edges and eye show a very
vibrant, lemon-yellow color in person, but not so
much in the photo. The eye zone fades
from a thin raspberry outline to orchid which
repeats in the border. The green throat is 
complemented by a touch of green in the ruffled 
edge. Also, the blossom presents with lemon yellow 
teeth. Overall, I am pleased with this one 
though the midribs are a bit distracting.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Bow Tie Affair And More Daylily Seedlings

Bow Tie Affair
The canoe effect on the petals usually doesn't
appeal to me, but in this case the effect appears
to accentuate the pattern.
Baja California Seedling 2015 
6 inches
Rainbow Frost Seedling 2014
6 inches
Born to Be Wild Seedling 2016 
6 inches

Polar Dusk Seedling 2016
6 inches

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

More 2015 Daylily Seedlings

Rainbow Frost Seedling 6.5 inches
Sweet Almond Mint Seedling
Raspberry Mountain Seedling

2016 Daylily Seedlings

Born to Be Wild Seedling 6.5 inches
Looks much larger in person as it is a rather flat
blossom. Definitely much prettier in person.

These were planted in the ground about 4 months  
ago. That is rapid growth to bloom stage for this 
location. So far, there are 6 plants with scapes.
Born to Be Wild Seedling 6.25 inches

Daylily Jailhouse Rock, Bow Tie Affair, and Indigo Ruffles

Jailhouse Rock
Bow Tie Affair
Indigo Ruffles

Daylily 2015 Seedlings

Can't Touch This Seedling 6 inches
A sib of this one posted earlier looks similar, but
they are quite different on comparison.
Shipwreck Cove Seedling 4 inches
We seldom have small blooms, but this one is a
cutie with an almost black eye and edge.
Glamoureyez Seedling 6.5 inches
 Quite attractive for the contrast of colors, and for the size.
All the above are very brilliant in the sun. Makes me
want to view them with sun glasses. Not kidding!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Daylily Roman Steel, Different Views

Roman Steel 1
Roman Steel 2
Roman Steel 3

Daylily Castle Rock and Born to be Wild

Castle Rock

The 2016 seedlings planted this spring are 
beginning to bloom.  We expect this to occur
next season, not now. I probably should cut the 
scapes and not allow them to bloom, to conserve
energy for plant growth, but I'm of the curious type.
We've had a couple of seasons in which seedlings 
bloomed at 9 or 10 months from the time of 
planting seeds, but it is not a usual thing in this

We are busy discarding the undesired seedlings 
from the 2014 beds, and moving the 2015 seedlings
to the evaluation beds. It is hard work, and the 
90 degree temps make it more so, even though we
choose to work in the cooler parts of the day.

This season has been the worst ever for 
the seed pods to mature. Mostly, the pods are
rotting, as are the seeds. Too many rainy days 
during development, I guess. 

All blog photos are taken in this garden.
Born to Be Wild

Daylily Orchid Linen and San Juan Nights

Orchid Linen
San Juan Nights

Daylily Ima Bigtimer and Italian Kaleidoscope

Ima Bigtimer
Italian Kaleidoscope 333

Daylily Promises Kept

Promises Kept 1
Promises Kept 2
Promises Kept 3