Sunday, July 26, 2015

Daylily Seedling Sabine Baur x Duke Ellington

Sabine Baur x Duke Ellington
6 inches, pod/pollen fertile, rebloom

This one is a special plant for experimentation.
I'm trying crosses in an attempt to create a
 polka dot edge of two colors, as in red and 
purple while maintaining the eye 
color. May not work, but it is fun trying.
View 2
View 3

Friday, July 24, 2015

Daylily Seedlings, A Few More

Sweet Almond Mint Seedling
6.5 inches
Ocean Child Seedling
6 inches
Chalky blue coloring in the eye and edge
Fabulous Black Pearl Seedling
7 inches
Blue Hippo Seedling
7 inches

Daylily Rebloom Continues

Italian Kaleidoscope Seedling

Dip Seedling Cross with Trahlyta Background
Love these big green eyes, and now I have 
something to cross with Daylily Rose F. Kennedy.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Daylilies Reblooming

Jennifer Trimmer Seedling
Note the flower-shaped center. This one looks
like a flower in a flower. In this photo, the bloom
is not fully open.
Italian Kaleidoscope Seedling 6.25 inches
Kiss of Paradise
Nile Princess
Blue Jay Tapestry
Dan's Paradise Pink
Mayans' Dawn

Daylilies for Evaluation

Raspberry Mountain Seedling
Blooming very nicely, and this one has been moved to the
evaluation bed. The above is a different plant from the other
Raspberry Mountain seedlings shown previously in the
 post titled Pink Shades.
Glamoureyez Seedling
Quite splotchy, but moved to the evaluation bed 
anyway. I like the triple edges and the colors.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Daylilies, A Contrast of Shades

Roman Steel
This is the first flower opening (FFO), and this bloom as well
 as the one pictured below suffered a downpour of rain.
This one bloomed yesterday. 
Roman Steel 2nd Bloom
This one bloomed today. Lots of rain on both
days and nights.
Jolly Good Yellow 
FFO (First Flower Opening) bloomed a few days ago
Jolly Good Yellow 2nd Bloom

Friday, July 10, 2015

Daylilies in Midnight Shades

Larry's Obsession Seedling 6in
Larry's Obsession Seedling
Love this one. It's 5.75 inches, and a great all
around plant.
Raspberry Mountain Seedling
6 inches, and much nicer in person
Born to Run Seedling
Beautiful in person. 6.5-7 inches

Daylilies in Pink Shades

Raspberry Mountain Seedling
Gorgeous bloom today. 6 inches, also instant 
Raspberry Mountain Seedling
6 inches
Wonder of it All Seedling
6.5-7 inches

Daylily Seedlings Tets and Dips

Fabulous Black Pearl Seedling
6 plus inches
Trahlyta Dip Seedling
Love the large green eye
5.75 inches in round form, 6 plus otherwise
Fabulous Black Pearl Seedling

Daylilies and Blue Shades

Zahadoom Seedling
6 inches
So Irresistible
The widest edge on this one so far. It's 
gorgeous today.
Zahadoom Seedling
Another view, different day, different bloom.

Daylily Jolly Good Yellow, Seedling, and Garden Flowers

Jolly Good Yellow
Dan's Paradise Pink Seedling
Huge 8-inch bloom with brightly colored edge
of yellow gold to green
Mandevilla Vine
I love this vine. 
This is a very hot spot in the garden. Due to the western
 location, the brick becomes too hot to touch. We had no idea
  what might grow here.

The white trellis radiates the sun back outward, and the
 brick is cooler behind it. The Mandevilla Vine appears
 to approve as it is growing quite well, with no disease 
issues. It is climbing well beyond the top of the trellis, 
and continues to bloom.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Daylily Seedling Photos with Lots of Rain

Dan's Paradise Pink Seedling -- 8 inches
Dan's Paradise Pink Seedling -- 7.5 inches
This is a sibling of a previously shown yellow.
Both plants have very eye-catching blossoms.
God Save the Queen Seedling -- 8 inches
Wow. This one is so much better in person. 
The bluish shades do not show up very well in the
Memphis Seedling -- 7 inches
A 2013 seedling, almost white with a very pale
pink overlay. Sometimes blooms larger.
Nice foliage, nice plant habit.

Daylily Luminous Intentions, Shamrock Summer, and Seedling

Luminous Intentions 22
This one begins blooming with a grayish blue
eye and edge, but then it looks like this, with
more of a pinkish purple shade. This one will cross
well with some of our seedlings with triple edges.
Shamrock Summer 65
Open my Eyes Seedling 543

Daylily Seedlings Two

Raspberry Mountain Seedling 555
God Save the Queen Seedling 558
Sweet Almond Mint Seedling 897

Daylily Seedlings

Baja California Seedling
Game Face Seedling 33