Saturday, June 13, 2015

Daylily Sarah Starchak and God Save the Queen Seedling

Sarah Starchak
  8 x 35 inches
((Quartz Rainbow x Diamond Silk) x unknown)
Registered Pierce-G., 2013
Season EE, RE, EV, Fragrant

Second flower opening with wonderful greenish-yellow edges,
and unfortunately some more thrip damage. These critters 
have been a real nuisance this year which may be caused by
the lack of rain. It is very dry out there. The grass makes a
crackling sound when walked upon.
God Save the Queen Seedling
6 inches
{[(Victorian Lace x Magic Amethyst) x Touch of
Royalty x Victorian Lace] x God Save the Queen}

Showing a few teeth, and hopefully more teeth 
as the night temperatures increase.
God Save the Queen Seedling--Another View

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