Monday, June 1, 2015

Daylily Instant Rebloom and Clematis Blue Light

Bluegrass Candy--Instant Rebloom

Notice the short scape coming up in the 
center of the fan. Wow, this instant rebloom is
really instantaneous, as the flower has not even
bloomed as yet.

Also notice that the taller scape is cracked. Tape has 
been applied to the upper crack, and we noticed the
lower crack after taking this photo. Tape applied to
that one also. At least the scapes did not blast 
which is more difficult to repair. Blasting is when
 the scape appears to literally explode, and at times
the pressure of blasting will propel the top part of 
the scape away from the plant. Other 
times the scape will hang by a thread so to speak, 
which can be repaired if enough scape material is 
attached. Even so, blossoms may not be up to par.

 Taping the cracks works quite well if 
caught in time. 

Daylily Scape Blasting
So much for the instant rebloom scape. As you can see,
the scape has blasted and is not usable. Fortunately, there
are three other fans that have original scapes as well as
instant rebloom scapes. 
Clematis Blue Light

Blue Light has large blooms that range from 6 to 8 inches.
These blossoms are nearing the end of their maturity. They will
eventually lose all of the outer petals and maintain the
center before seeding.

This is a 2014 photo showing the blossom at its peak.

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