Tuesday, June 2, 2015

2015 Daylily Seedlings. It's Bloom Time!!

Sweet Almond Mint Seedling
(Happy Happy x Sweet Almond Mint)
Cold Morning Opener (cmo)

This one has a bit of thrip damage, and since the
buds formed during cold nights, hopefully the
edges will enlarge as the temps rise. 

Happy Happy tends to pass on the round form,
which appeals to me, but in this garden, the scapes 
are shorter than I like, so pairing it up with a 
cultivar with a taller scape was the plan.

Sweet Almond Mint has tall scapes, and during hot 
summer days, it has wonderful edges, so
I'll be watching this seedling for improvement.

The first blooms of the season seldom
show any defined accuracy for measurement of
the scape height, buds, branching, or bloom size.
Stabilization of these characteristics comes
later, sometimes much later for some of them,
as much as two to three years. Generally, the
average bloom size is apparent during the
first season.

Still, this seedling begins the display, and
I'm happy to see a bloom that actually 
opened well enough to photograph. 

Vertical streaks and blotches, and it is a little odd. 
However, I like the
shades of lavender, and it has a few teeth,
along with diamond dusting on the
golden edge.

It could be interesting to see what this one does
next, or doesn't do.

Another View

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