Sunday, May 10, 2015

Daylily Variegated Foliage and Kniphofia Plant

Kniphofia--Mango Popsicle

Common name red hot poker or torch lily. This plant does not
  have the more common red tip. What it does is grow ever so
 beautifully in a care-free fashion in our garden. Lovely! I like 
it so well that I'm adding Kniphofia Orange Vanilla Popsicle
 and Papaya Popsicle to the garden. Also some 
Spike Veronica named First Lady, First Love, and First 
Glory, along with Purpleicious Verbena and a
Margarita Amelia Shasta Daisy. Gotta get those 
planted tomorrow.

(Italian Kaleidoscope x Glamoureyez)
2014 seedling 

Well, this is something new for us, daylily variegated
foliage. Ya think it will stay this way? We don't
know, and only time will tell. The plant did not bloom
last year, so the bloom image is a wait and see as well.
Only two of the four fans have this trait.

Goldflame Honeysuckle
Lonicera x heckrottii

This honeysuckle plant's blossoms have such a 
wonderful fragrance of a honey/cinnamon 
mix which is so surprising. We expected 
more of a wild honeysuckle scent.

The plant has been growing here for several 
years. It is evergreen most years, depending on
the winter lows, and has reached a height of
approximately nine feet. A ladder is required
to get a good close photo of the overall mass of 
blossoms, so I opted for a single flower instead.

So far, the plant is not invasive, though it is
 growing in what is possibly the worst soil we 
have with few amendments. Some seasons the
vine is susceptible to aphids and mildew. 
Otherwise, it requires very little care.

The honeysuckle blossoms are extremely 
abundant this year even after our frigid winter.

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  1. Italian Kaleidoscope x Glamoureyez)
    2014 seedling. Do you have it for sale? Thanks!