Monday, April 20, 2015

Wood Hyacinths and White Azalea Blossoms

Wood Hyacinths and White Azalea Still Life

This is what happens here when there are fewer spring blooms
to photograph. So, we just have a vase full to enjoy, but
enjoy them we do, none the less. Plants are some of the
greatest things, aren't they?

We've planted the tomatoes, peppers, squash,
and cucumbers of different varieties in pots so far. Can't wait to
taste the wonderful flavors. The veggie garden has
been much reduced, but loads of food can still be grown in 
smaller spaces. Wonderful to gather fresh organic produce for
healthy meals. Herbs, lettuce, and onions will be planted next,
 and later beans, corn, and whatever else is 
needed for variety. We've had several rainy days lately,
so planting in the ground has been iffy, but did get the
potatoes planted in between rains.

Blueberries, red and black raspberries, and grapes will
soon be in bloom and/or setting fruit. And, we have a standard size 
Reliance Peach on our to-buy list which we have grown before. 
This is a peach that makes the most excellent tasting jam.

I'm considering pumpkins and sunflowers primarily
for their healthy edible seeds. Pumpkins and sunflowers will
produce loads of seeds, so only a few of these plants
will do nicely.

Happy Gardening!

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