Friday, January 2, 2015

Daylily Shades of Purple

---Happy Happy---
 6 x 26 inches
Smith reg. 2008, EM SEV RE, 28 buds, 4 branches

Slow to increase here, and a bit tender for below
zero temps without sufficient mulch protection.

Fantastic parent for blunt sepals, wide or ruffled
edges, or round shapes in some crosses. 
Fertile both ways.

The fertility factors added are what I experience in
this garden on plants. Others may have
different experiences. In some seasons I may
be unable to set a pod on a plant, but the next
season the plant will set a pod, so there's that.
---Bella Sera---
6 x 30 inches
Stamile reg. 2002, EV RE EM 30 buds, 6 branches
Fast to increase here.

A nice display with many buds to flower.
Very easy pollen, though fertile both ways.
---Blue Hippo---
6 x 26 inches
Lambertson reg. 2005, SEV EM RE 25 buds, 3 br.
Fertile both ways. Great parent for a blue line. 
Fast to increase here.
---Jennifer Trimmer---
7 x 30 inches
Trimmer reg. 2006, EM EV RE, 28 buds, 3 branches
(Bella Sera x Kaskel's Best Edge)

Fertile both ways. 
Fast to increase here.

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