Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daylily Mean Joe Green

---Mean Joe Green---
6.75 x 40 inches
Pierce-G., reg. 2012, season M, RE, EV, 35 buds, 5 br.
(Mazatlan x (Apple Spring x Greenway))
Fast to increase here

This photo was taken before the summer heat
got under way, so the edges are not as large as
they were later in the season. However, this image
captured the very nice dimensional eye zone. 

Focus is now on finishing the list for the 2015
crosses. I do love playing with these flowers.
Now, if I can just maintain focus, and try not
to cross everything in the garden, but I'm
getting much better at that. It's just so
tempting to look at a blossom, and 
immediately think of how one can improve
the characteristics.

Our lowest temperature so far this
winter was -13 degrees, so when all
the snow melts off the beds, we will
need to check on the plants. Just before
the snow, most plants appeared to
be dormant or semi-dormant even 
though most are semi-evergreen or

The seedlings inside for the winter are
growing quite well, and as I tend to them,
I envision what lovely flowers each may
produce. We have reduced the number of
seedlings this year from the highest count 
of 2000 plus.

Here's hoping everyone, gardeners and others
alike had a great 2014 season. It's so amazing
that 2015 is already here, and spring is just
around the corner. Time does fly by, and as
each year passes, time seems faster, 
especially when there is so much to 

African Violets

Best wishes, health, and prosperity to all.

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