Thursday, January 8, 2015

Daylily Mean Joe Green

---Mean Joe Green---
6.75 x 40 inches
Pierce-G., reg. 2012, season M, RE, EV, 35 buds, 5 br.
(Mazatlan x (Apple Spring x Greenway))
Fast to increase here

This photo was taken before the summer heat
got under way, so the edges are not as large as
they were later in the season. However, this image
captured the very nice dimensional eye zone. 

Focus is now on finishing the list for the 2015
crosses. I do love playing with these flowers.
Now, if I can just maintain focus, and try not
to cross everything in the garden, but I'm
getting much better at that. It's just so
tempting to look at a blossom, and 
immediately think of how one can improve
the characteristics.

Our lowest temperature so far this
winter was -13 degrees, so when all
the snow melts off the beds, we will
need to check on the plants. Just before
the snow, most plants appeared to
be dormant or semi-dormant even 
though most are semi-evergreen or

The seedlings inside for the winter are
growing quite well, and as I tend to them,
I envision what lovely flowers each may
produce. We have reduced the number of
seedlings this year from the highest count 
of 2000 plus.

Here's hoping everyone, gardeners and others
alike had a great 2014 season. It's so amazing
that 2015 is already here, and spring is just
around the corner. Time does fly by, and as
each year passes, time seems faster, 
especially when there is so much to 

African Violets

Best wishes, health, and prosperity to all.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Daylily Promises Kept

---Promises Kept---
6.25 x 31 inches 
(unknown x unknown)
DeVito reg. 2013, Season EM, RE, EV, Fragrant
25 buds, 4 branches 

Very pretty!! Gorgeous clean shade of pink and large
blossoms. The green throat is the sweet spot, along
with the ruffled sepals. The base color is a tad
darker shade of pink in early blooms, and this 
lovely icy pink on rebloom.
 New for 2014 season, and it set a bee pod.
Fast to increase here
---Promises Kept---

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Daylily Deep in My Heart x Calamity Jane

---Deep in My Heart x Calamity Jane---

This seedling has a huge blossom, although I failed to
list the measurement. Obvious veining on the petals,
and nice eye/edge color, but I can foresee crossing it 
for a larger eye zone and wider edges. At any rate,
you can see what this cross produced. The
initial cross is one that I would not repeat as it is 
not that pleasing to me. Often times the 
efficacy of this endeavor escapes me.

The green throat came from Calamity Jane as
well as a bit more edge and the veining. Looks
like the width of the eye zone too. I wonder
if the reversal of this cross would produce the large 
eye by crossing this seedling with Deep in My Heart
as the pollen parent. Might try that, and then
again, might not. It depends on what captures
my attention in the next season.

---Deep in My Heart---
5 x 32 inches, Season Mid, EV, RE
Blooms larger than 5 inches here
Pod-Pollen Fertile

Maryott reg. 2010 (Meet Joe Black x (Gillian x
Spacecoast Starburst))
Slow to increase here.

Note: The red coloring on this photo is a tad drab.
The flower is a more striking red than is shown
here, but notice the large eye that covers most
of the blossom, and this is the trait that I admire
about this particular cultivar.

We did lose a few fans on this one due to below
zero temperatures last winter. It was a surprise
to see it bounce back as well as it did and bloom.
Below is a photo of the papa.

---Calamity Jane---
6.5 x 28 inches
Trimmer reg. 2008, Season E, RE, EV, 26 buds, 3 br.
(Elisa Dallas x Priscilla's Smile)
Pod-Pollen Fertile
Fast to increase here.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Daylily Raspberry Mountain

---Raspberry Mountain---
6.75 x 33 inches, 40 buds, 5 branches
Pierce reg. 2009, EV M RE EMO Fragrant
((Calling All Angels x Sue Brown) x 
Over the Mountain)
Pod Pollen Fertile 
Fast to increase here.
---Raspberry Mountain---
---Raspberry Mountain---

Daylily Shades of Purple

---Happy Happy---
 6 x 26 inches
Smith reg. 2008, EM SEV RE, 28 buds, 4 branches

Slow to increase here, and a bit tender for below
zero temps without sufficient mulch protection.

Fantastic parent for blunt sepals, wide or ruffled
edges, or round shapes in some crosses. 
Fertile both ways.

The fertility factors added are what I experience in
this garden on plants. Others may have
different experiences. In some seasons I may
be unable to set a pod on a plant, but the next
season the plant will set a pod, so there's that.
---Bella Sera---
6 x 30 inches
Stamile reg. 2002, EV RE EM 30 buds, 6 branches
Fast to increase here.

A nice display with many buds to flower.
Very easy pollen, though fertile both ways.
---Blue Hippo---
6 x 26 inches
Lambertson reg. 2005, SEV EM RE 25 buds, 3 br.
Fertile both ways. Great parent for a blue line. 
Fast to increase here.
---Jennifer Trimmer---
7 x 30 inches
Trimmer reg. 2006, EM EV RE, 28 buds, 3 branches
(Bella Sera x Kaskel's Best Edge)

Fertile both ways. 
Fast to increase here.