Sunday, December 28, 2014

Daylily Bowtie Affair, Chester Cyclone, and Peacock Maiden

---Bowtie Affair---
Pierce-G., Reg. 2013, EE RE SEV Fragrant
(Stenciled Di Fresco x Tet. Colorful Etchings)
7 x 42 inches, 40 buds, 5 branches 
Super pod-pollen fertile 
Good increase

---Unusual Form Cascade Group---
Chester Cyclone (yellow) Blakely-C., reg. 1972
8.5 x 30 inches, season M, RE, Dormant, Diploid
We keep this due to its gorgeous fragrance.
Cross not listed. Another pink UF form is
also in this group, but blooms later.

Peacock Maiden (purple) Carpenter-K., reg. 1982
9.5 x 31 inches, Season M, RE, EV, Diploid,
Fragrant. ((Grape Arbor x sdlg) x sdlg)

One of the seedling beds is showing in the
far background.

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