Friday, December 5, 2014

Daylily Seedlings, Azure Prism, and Cherry Ice Cream Smile

---Duke Ellington x Dove in Flight---
6.25 inches, rebloom
---Calamity Jane x Glamoureyez---
The sepals need to improve to show the
existing pattern.

---Azure Prism---

9.5 x 30 inches, 30 buds, 5 branches,
Semi-evergreen, season EE,
Pierce-G, 2014 ((Sdlg x Tet Terry Lyninger) x 
Tet Malachite Prism) x Tet Time Stopper)

All photos taken in our garden.
---Cherry Ice Cream Smile---

6.25 x 33 inches
Pierce-G., 2011 EM, Rebloom Evergreen, Fragrant,
30 buds, 5 branches
(((Princess of Wales x Inimitable) x Cerise
Masterpiece)) x Fancy Lace))) 

First flower opening on a new addition to the
garden this year. Many thanks, Ann.

---Laura Harwood x Trahlyta---
2013 Seedling

We have only a few dips, but decided to keep
this seedling for crossing just for the fun of it
especially since it has many buds/branches. It
is also a very prolific plant.

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