Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Daylilies Castle Rock, Stenciled Infusion, Blue Jay Tapestry

---Castle Rock---
A beautiful flower for big edges.
This is the best blossom on this flower
for the season. New this year, so not too
shabby since it needs to acclimate.

Stamile-Pierce, 2011, Season M, Rebloom, EV,
Fragrant, 6.5 x 38 ((sdlg x Bella Sera) x White
Base) 35 buds, 5 branches
---Stenciled Infusion---
Pierce-G., 2013, Season EM, Rebloom, Semi-EV,
6.25 x 30 (sdlg x Tet. Colorful Etchings) Fragrant
The flower in the back is Bowtie Affair.

Stenciled Infusion produced 7 proliferations, which
are small plantlets that grow out of the bracks on a scape. 
We waited until roots formed, cut the scape leaving
 half an inch or so above the proliferation, and about two 
inches of the scape just below the prolif, then planted them 
in an outside bed. The scape helped to hold the prolifs
 in place in the soil. The proliferations are identical to the
mother plant, so it is an excellent method for increasing the
number of plants. We had many proliferations
throughout the garden this year.
These plantlets are all growing quite well. We added new 
mulch to the beds for winter protection.

Update: Many seedlings using both pod and pollen.
Stenciled Infusion is a great parent.
---Blue Jay Tapestry---
Pierce-G., 2013, Season EM, Rebloom, EV, Fragrant
5.5 x 32 ((Blue Beat x Blue Desire) x Tet. Texas

This blossom has such vivid coloration. It is one
that receives much attention during the many
daily walks through the beds. 

Update: Great for setting pods and easy pollen.

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