Thursday, July 3, 2014

Daylilies Baja California, Azure Prism, Orchid Linen

---Baja California---
Trimmer 2011 (Sdlg x Spanish Fiesta)
EM EV RE 7 inches
---Azure Prism---
Pierce-G., introduced 2014 

This daylily is located at the end of the row
of plants that are currently being crossed to set
pods. I was busy concentrating on each plant, and
when I reached the end of the row, there was
Azure Prism with its huge presence. The size
surprised me. Think dinner plate size.
---Orchid Linen---
Pierce 2013 (Mulberry Freeze x Fringy)
EM DOR RE 6 inches 
Great substance. Beautiful!!
---Azure Prism---
9.5 x 30 inches, 30 buds, 5 branches
Pierce-G., reg. 2013, EE, RE, SEV, fragrant
(((sdlg x Tet. Terry Lyninger) x Tet. Malachite
Prism) x Tet. Time Stopper)

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