Monday, July 14, 2014

Daylilies Zahadoom, Before My Eyes, Marina Del Rey

Stamile 2002 (Sabine Baur x Tet. Lavender Blue
Baby) EM SEV RE Very Frag 5.5 inches

Blooms larger than 5.5 inches at times. 
Slow to increase here
---Before My Eyes---
Grace-L., 2008 (sdlg x sdlg) EM EV RE Frag 6 inches

Fertile both ways. The base color is a pale yellow-
cream in the sun, at times appearing light cream.
Sometimes the base color is more peachy, 
especially the initial blooms. 
Slow to increase here
---Marina Del Rey---
Pierce-G., 2012 (Xylophone Jazz x Fancy Lace)
E EV RE EMO 5.75 inches

Getting lighter on rebloom, and the eye zone
almost covers the blossom. Blooms appear larger
than 5.75 at times. Currently, this plant is
loaded with pods. Pollen works too. This one is 
a must see in person, as it often times 
presents with such contrasting hues of 
lavender-blue, mauve, and purple.

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