Saturday, July 5, 2014

Daylilies Ultimate Fantasy, Southern Dazzle, Hog Heaven

---Ultimate Fantasy---
Abajian 2004 (Wisest of Wizards x sdlg)
E SEV RE 7 inches
fast to increase here

Ultimate Fantasy has superb substance. Gorgeous
large blossoms, and a prolific bloomer. It sets
very large seed pods.
---Southern Dazzle---
Harry-Gaskins 2009 (sdlg x Dove in Flight)
EM SEV RE 6.5 inches
slow to increase here

The yellow edges have a glowing appearance.
Lovely flower.
---Hog Heaven---
Smith-FR 2007 (Granny Smith x Eleanor Roosevelt)
EM SEV RE 6 inches

Hog Heaven looking very green in the shadows.

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