Monday, July 14, 2014

Daylilies Red Edition, Biting Pumpkins, Home of the Free

---Red Edition---
Pierce-G., Reg. 2013 (Talladega x Crowning Fire)
EM EV RE 6.25 inches, pod-pollen fertile

This daylily has the most amazing brilliant color, and
the white ruffled edges are a lovely contrast. 
Definitely gorgeous!!!
---Biting Pumpkins---
Pierce-G., Reg. 2013 (Bass Gibson x Fringy)
E SEV RE Frag 6 inches 

Lots of blooms and sets pods so easily. Pollen
works too.
---Home of the Free---
Grace-L., Reg. 2012 (Cimarron Rose x Scarlet Angel)
E EV RE 6 inches 

Absolutely beautiful in every way.
Very fertile both ways. I have many seedlings
crossing this one with Red Edition (posted above).
Can hardly wait to see them bloom.

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