Saturday, July 5, 2014

Daylilies Orchid Linen, Spinefeld, Indigo Ruffles

---Orchid Linen---
Pierce-G., Intro. 2013F (Mulberry Freeze x Fringy)
EM, RE Dormant 6 x 29 inches
20 buds, 3 branches

Much nicer in person, and getting better with each
bloom. I love this one.
Stamile-Pierce, reg. 2012 (Hooked x sdlg T838)
EM EV RE 6.5 x 35 inches
45 buds, 7 branches

This bloom is on a rebloom scape. We had a cold
front pass through, and yet Spinefeld continues to
show teeth.
---Indigo Ruffles---
Pierce, G. 2013F (Dixie Sunrise x Fringy) EM EV
7 x 35 inches, EM, RE, EV, Fragrant
35 buds, 6 branches

Indigo Ruffles is getting there with each new
bloom. Much better in person. The color is
difficult to capture.

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