Monday, July 14, 2014

Daylilies Fringy, Prissy Girl, Promises Kept

Stamile 2008 ((sdlg x Dream Runner) x (Inimitable
x Zephyr's Song)) EM EV RE 5.5 inches 
---Prissy Girl---
Smith-FR, 2006 (Hank Williams x Tet. Connie
Burton) M SEV RE 6 inches

Evidently this is as good as Prissy Girl is going
to get this season. It's not as ruffled as last year.
Easily fertile both ways.
---Promises Kept---
DeVito, 2013 (unknown x unknown)
EM EV RE Frag 6.25 inches

This one has not been planted long enough
to be fully acclimated, so I expect it will
have more of a ruffled edge later. 

Update: I didn't
try to cross this one, but it had a bee pod
so I have a few seedlings from it.

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