Monday, July 14, 2014

Daylilies Red Edition, Biting Pumpkins, Home of the Free

---Red Edition---
Pierce-G., Reg. 2013 (Talladega x Crowning Fire)
EM EV RE 6.25 inches, pod-pollen fertile

This daylily has the most amazing brilliant color, and
the white ruffled edges are a lovely contrast. 
Definitely gorgeous!!!
---Biting Pumpkins---
Pierce-G., Reg. 2013 (Bass Gibson x Fringy)
E SEV RE Frag 6 inches 

Lots of blooms and sets pods so easily. Pollen
works too.
---Home of the Free---
Grace-L., Reg. 2012 (Cimarron Rose x Scarlet Angel)
E EV RE 6 inches 

Absolutely beautiful in every way.
Very fertile both ways. I have many seedlings
crossing this one with Red Edition (posted above).
Can hardly wait to see them bloom.

Daylily Briar Patch, White Hibiscus, Briar Patch

---Briar Patch---
Grace-L., 2009 (sdlg x Larry's Obsession)
EM EV RE 6 inches

Displays teeth on every bloom.
---Hibiscus, Bread Plate Size---

This plant is approximately 4 x 4 feet, but can
grow larger.
---Briar Patch---

Daylilies Crowning Light, Azure Prism, Crowning Light

---Crowning Light---
Stamile 2009 ((White Base x Zephyr's Song) x 
(Ribbons and Things x Cerise Masterpiece))
M SEV 7 inches

Beautiful clean colors, and getting a wider edge
after a few blooms. 
---Azure Prism---
Pierce-G., Reg. 2013 (((sdlg. Tet. Terry Lyninger x
Tet. Malachite Prism) x Tet. Time Stopper)
EE SEV RE 9.5 inches
---Crowning Light---

This shows the look on one of the earlier blooms.

Daylilies Zahadoom, Before My Eyes, Marina Del Rey

Stamile 2002 (Sabine Baur x Tet. Lavender Blue
Baby) EM SEV RE Very Frag 5.5 inches

Blooms larger than 5.5 inches at times. 
Slow to increase here
---Before My Eyes---
Grace-L., 2008 (sdlg x sdlg) EM EV RE Frag 6 inches

Fertile both ways. The base color is a pale yellow-
cream in the sun, at times appearing light cream.
Sometimes the base color is more peachy, 
especially the initial blooms. 
Slow to increase here
---Marina Del Rey---
Pierce-G., 2012 (Xylophone Jazz x Fancy Lace)
E EV RE EMO 5.75 inches

Getting lighter on rebloom, and the eye zone
almost covers the blossom. Blooms appear larger
than 5.75 at times. Currently, this plant is
loaded with pods. Pollen works too. This one is 
a must see in person, as it often times 
presents with such contrasting hues of 
lavender-blue, mauve, and purple.

Daylilies Fringy, Prissy Girl, Promises Kept

Stamile 2008 ((sdlg x Dream Runner) x (Inimitable
x Zephyr's Song)) EM EV RE 5.5 inches 
---Prissy Girl---
Smith-FR, 2006 (Hank Williams x Tet. Connie
Burton) M SEV RE 6 inches

Evidently this is as good as Prissy Girl is going
to get this season. It's not as ruffled as last year.
Easily fertile both ways.
---Promises Kept---
DeVito, 2013 (unknown x unknown)
EM EV RE Frag 6.25 inches

This one has not been planted long enough
to be fully acclimated, so I expect it will
have more of a ruffled edge later. 

Update: I didn't
try to cross this one, but it had a bee pod
so I have a few seedlings from it.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Daylilies Biting Pumpkins and Azure Prism

---Biting Pumpkins---
6 x 30 inches, E, RE, SEV, Fragrant
Pierce-G., reg. 2013 (Bass Gibson x Fringy)
35 buds, 6 branches 

Blossoms are on rebloom scapes. Very easy to set
pods on this one, and there's many 
on the plant now. 
Update: Super easy pod parent. Have seedlings
from both pod and pollen.
Fast to increase here 
---Azure Prism---
9.5 x 30 inches, EE, RE, SEV, Fragrant
Pierce-G., reg. 2013 (((sdlg x Tet. Terry Lyninger) x
Tet. Malachite Prism) x Tet. Time Stopper) 
30 buds, 5 branches

Photo taken in shade. Nothing else like this one
in the garden. Huge blossom.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Daylilies Orchid Linen, Spinefeld, Indigo Ruffles

---Orchid Linen---
Pierce-G., Intro. 2013F (Mulberry Freeze x Fringy)
EM, RE Dormant 6 x 29 inches
20 buds, 3 branches

Much nicer in person, and getting better with each
bloom. I love this one.
Stamile-Pierce, reg. 2012 (Hooked x sdlg T838)
EM EV RE 6.5 x 35 inches
45 buds, 7 branches

This bloom is on a rebloom scape. We had a cold
front pass through, and yet Spinefeld continues to
show teeth.
---Indigo Ruffles---
Pierce, G. 2013F (Dixie Sunrise x Fringy) EM EV
7 x 35 inches, EM, RE, EV, Fragrant
35 buds, 6 branches

Indigo Ruffles is getting there with each new
bloom. Much better in person. The color is
difficult to capture.

Daylilies Ultimate Fantasy, Southern Dazzle, Hog Heaven

---Ultimate Fantasy---
Abajian 2004 (Wisest of Wizards x sdlg)
E SEV RE 7 inches
fast to increase here

Ultimate Fantasy has superb substance. Gorgeous
large blossoms, and a prolific bloomer. It sets
very large seed pods.
---Southern Dazzle---
Harry-Gaskins 2009 (sdlg x Dove in Flight)
EM SEV RE 6.5 inches
slow to increase here

The yellow edges have a glowing appearance.
Lovely flower.
---Hog Heaven---
Smith-FR 2007 (Granny Smith x Eleanor Roosevelt)
EM SEV RE 6 inches

Hog Heaven looking very green in the shadows.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Daylilies Sweet Almond Mint, Marina Del Rey, Mayans' Dawn, Castle Rock

---Sweet Almond Mint---
Pierce-G., reg. 2012 (Orange Cherry Jubilee x Born 
to Be Wild) E EV RE 6.5 x 46 inches, fragrant
40 buds, 7 branches
 easily pod pollen fertile
fast to increase here

Peak season is on the down-hill side now, and
the plants being crossed are making a messy
appearance in the garden with all the tags and
spent blooms. 

After rebloom, the more arduous task begins 
of cleaning out the seedling beds to prepare 
the space for the 2015 seedlings.

The harsh winter adversely affected many 
of the plants. They are top budded, or
 blooming low in the foliage. The size and
color of blooms is less appealing on many of 
the established plants that have done well for
years, so of course, less to photograph.  
However, if we receive sufficient rain, 
rebloom may extend the season. 
Still, there are oodles of spent blooms to
remove each day, just not photo worthy.
---Mayans' Dawn---
Pierce, reg. 2013 (Romeo Prince x Midnight in Paris)
EM EV RE 7.25 x 38 inches
40 buds, 6 branches 
pod-pollen fertile 
fast to increase here
---Marina Del Rey---
Pierce-G., reg. 2012 (Xylophone Jazz x Fancy Lace)
E EV RE 5.75 x 36 inches, 25 buds, 4 branches

This one never fails to please. 
Update: Super easy pod and pollen.
---Castle Rock---
Stamile-Pierce 2011 ((Sdlg x Bella) x White Base)
M EV RE fragrant, 6.5 x 38 inches 
35 buds, 5 branches

Daylilies Baja California, Azure Prism, Orchid Linen

---Baja California---
Trimmer 2011 (Sdlg x Spanish Fiesta)
EM EV RE 7 inches
---Azure Prism---
Pierce-G., introduced 2014 

This daylily is located at the end of the row
of plants that are currently being crossed to set
pods. I was busy concentrating on each plant, and
when I reached the end of the row, there was
Azure Prism with its huge presence. The size
surprised me. Think dinner plate size.
---Orchid Linen---
Pierce 2013 (Mulberry Freeze x Fringy)
EM DOR RE 6 inches 
Great substance. Beautiful!!
---Azure Prism---
9.5 x 30 inches, 30 buds, 5 branches
Pierce-G., reg. 2013, EE, RE, SEV, fragrant
(((sdlg x Tet. Terry Lyninger) x Tet. Malachite
Prism) x Tet. Time Stopper)