Thursday, June 5, 2014

Daylilies Mean Joe Green and Voila Francois

---Mean Joe Green---

Pierce 2013 ((Mazatlan x (Apple Spring x 
Greenway)) EMO M EV RE 6.75 inches

This blossom is 7.25 inches. Big and excellent!!
---Voila Francois---

Stamile 2008 (Sdlg. x Alpine Ruffles)
EM EV RE 6 inches 
Pod and pollen fertile

The most amazing thing about this flower is the
short fat bud which one would think is going to
be a small flower, but it actually develops into this
huge angelic white blossom. I often estimate the
size of a flower by the length of the bud, but
not so on this one, and this is a first for me.
Simply amazing. 
Have seedlings from both pod and pollen.
---Mean Joe Green---

This one is a must see in person. I can't begin to
accurately describe the color. It is the most 
beautiful shade of magenta purple, or at least 
something close to that, and it blooms larger than 
the registered size.  The edging is a yellowish green,
 sometimes more green than yellow which makes
 this flower very striking. The edge should become 
wider once the plant is established. 
Can't wait to see that. What's not to love?

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