Thursday, June 5, 2014

Daylilies Dancing Jubilee and Tet. Peppermint Delight

---Dancing Jubilee---

Pierce 2012 (Sdlg. 7232 x Born to be Wild)
EE EV RE 6.5 inches 

This is such a beautiful warm color, and it
blooms well with so many buds.
---Dancing Jubilee---
---Tet. Peppermint Delight---
The Diploid version of this plant is 
Carpenter 2003,
(Fantastic Voyage x Georgia Pansy Face)
EE EV RE 6 inches

Photo taken before the rain. It's not quite 
bloomed out. This is the Tet conversion of the 
Diploid Peppermint Delight, and the
blossom is 7 inches.
---Tet. Peppermint Delight---

Photo taken during the rain, and oh, my, how we
needed the rain. Daylilies bloom so much bigger
and better after a nourishing rain.

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