Thursday, June 5, 2014

Daylilies Bowtie Affair, Stenciled Infusion, and Spinefeld

---Bowtie Affair---

Pierce 2014

Now it's getting there! Such a gorgeous 
complicated pattern. On some days the base
color is much lighter. Today was overcast.
After the rain, the pattern practically covered
the entire flower. So very lovely.
---Stenciled Infusion---

Pierce 2014

Such clean coloring and big. This bloom is
7 inches. Beautiful. Notice how the eye pattern
accentuates and outlines the edge of the petals.
---Stenciled Infusion---

Stamile-Pierce 2012 ( Hooked x Sdlg. T838)
EM EV RE 6.5 inches

A wonderful treat in the toothy category. 
This flower just makes my day.

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