Monday, June 30, 2014

Daylilies Born to Be Wild, Bowtie Affair, Nile Princess, Blue Jay Tapestry

---Update: Born to Be Wild Seed Pods---
Very fertile plant! Had to limit the number of pods
on this plant as it was a new plant last fall. Didn't
want to over stress it.

---Born to Be Wild---
Pierce Intro 2013F (((Calling All Angels x Sue
Brown) x Mountain Wildflower) x Fringy
EM SEV 6.25 inches 

We have thoroughly enjoyed all these
blossoms. They are so gorgeous. Busy days
in the garden currently so posting is
gradual, but more will be posted as time
---Bowtie Affair---
Pierce 2014 (Stenciled Di Fresco x Tet. Colorful
Etchings) EM SEV 7 inches
---Nile Princess---
Pierce Intro 2013F (Blue Beat x Tet. Texas
Kaleidoscope) EM EV 5.5 inches
---Blue Jay Tapestry---
Pierce Intro 2013F ((Blue Beat x Blue Desire) x
Tet. Texas Kaleidoscope) EM EV Frag 5.5 inches

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