Monday, November 20, 2017

Daylily Tet Patterned Seedlings and More

(Born to be Wild x Bow Tie Affair)

Crossing an eye and edge with a patterned
choice gave us a seedling with a small edge. 
We're working on making the edges wider
on a kaleidoscope-type pattern.

Some of the seedlings pictured on the 
following pages will be registered, and some
will be offered for sale on the Lily Auction or 
on our new website for 2018.
Please see the "About Us" section in the top
left sidebar for more information which
we will add to as time permits. We are
currently working on a website for listing 
plants for sale.

(Marina del Rey x Kiss of Paradise)
A beautifully patterned daylily with bluish
shades. I love this one.
(Facemaker x Bow Tie Affair)
Several seedlings bloomed with this particular
look, and I love each and every one of them.
Very clean colors.
(Palace Garden Beauty x Bella Sera)
This one is quite bluish in person. The vivid
green throat adds a complementary contrast.
Diploid (unkn x unkn) 7.5 inches
Loads and loads of buds, nice branching, and
strong scapes. Looks more white in garden.